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Domestic Base

N.E. CHEMCAT bases our business operations at our Head Office in the Minato Ward of Tokyo. We also possess two bases for manufacturing and R&D in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Numazu Plant) and Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture (Tsukuba Plant).
Numazu Plant conducts manufacturing of chemical catalysts, collection and refinement of precious metal, and R&D for auto exhaust catalysts and chemical catalysts. Tsukuba Plant conducts manufacturing of auto exhaust catalysts and R&D for fuel cell catalysts.

Overseas Base

N. E. CHEMCAT provides automakers around the world with technologies it has developed, with technical support from BASF. In Japan, N. E. CHEMCAT is a direct supplier. In other Asian countries except South Korea, joint ventures between BASF and N. E. CHEMCAT, in areas other than Asia, production bases of BASF are responsible for supplying the technologies developed by N. E. CHEMCAT.

N. E. CHEMCAT continues to provide the world's top level technology through the technical cooperation with BASF, both aiming to improve their respective technologies. Moreover, we can address our customers' needs for chemical catalysts by taking advantage of our overseas production hubs.


27th floor, World Trade Center Building South Tower, 2-4-1 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-5127
TEL : 81-3-3435-5490(Switchboard)  FAX : 81-3-3435-5484