Research and DevelopmentAssay & Material Characterization Dept.

Strengths of the Assay & Material Characterization Dept.

Our mission is to fully understand the purpose and background of research requests, and to provide solutions which contribute to the client.

Through optimal personnel deployment and advanced equipment, we provide analysis technology which equals or surpasses external professional technology organizations.

System and Functions of Groups

In order to respond to a variety of analysis requests, we station personnel at Tsukuba Plant and Numazu Plant for analysis using advanced equipment.

Introduction of Main Equipment

Tsukuba Assay Group


  • Evaluates nano-size materials.
  • Also capable of qualitative analysis of nano-size materials.


  • Capable of evaluating the valence of elements contained in samples.
  • Capable of acquiring information on the outermost surface (5 nm) of samples.


  • Capable of evaluating the crystal structures of materials.
  • Capable of measurement while heating samples.


  • Capable of evaluating the element distribution of samples.
  • Possesses resolution equivalent to an electron microscope.


  • Determines the quantity of elements on a ppt level in solution.


  • Capable of evaluating the bound state of materials.
  • Capable of evaluating multiple elements in addition to hydrogen and carbon.


  • Uses an ICP emission spectrometer to detect the constituents which were separated using LC (liquid chromatography).
  • Can be used to evaluate compounds containing metal.


  • Gas chromatography analysis equipment featuring a high-sensitivity mass spectrometer.

Numazu Assay Group

Solid-state emission spectrometer

  • Evaluates impurities in precious metal.
  • Enables measurement in a solid state.


  • Uses X-rays to perform qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis.
  • Enables measurement of liquid samples in addition to solid samples.

ICP (for precious metal)

  • Special equipment for quantitative analysis of precious metal.
  • Design which prioritizes reproducibility.

ICP (general-purpose)

  • Enables simultaneous measurement of several dozen elements including halogen.
  • Capable of recording measured data for all wavelengths in a single measurement.

Introduction of main analysis methods

Au gravimetric analysis

  • Weighs Au metal after firing.

Separation operation for precious metal

  • Uses ion exchange resin to adsorb and separate Pd in the solution.

Pd volumetric analysis

  • Liquid chemical is added to determine quantity of Pd in the solution.

Separation operation for precious metal

  • After adding liquid chemical, the mixture is heated to precipitate/separate PT in the solution.

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