Management Information

Under ESG-oriented management policies,
N.E. CHEMCAT strives for continuous growth and development together with our stakeholders.

Since its foundation in 1964, N.E. CHEMCAT has grown and developed, contributing to a wide variety of industries through catalyst businesses, including the development, production, distribution and recovery of precious and base metal (general-purpose metals) catalysts. Catalysts are vital for countless chemical reactions, supporting our daily lives through their use in many industrial production processes as well as the purification of exhaust gas to protect the global environment.

N.E. CHEMCAT is committed to continuously developing and providing high-performance and high-quality products based on our expertise in chemistry, and to contribute in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations (SDGs).

In addition, N.E. CHEMCAT strives for continuous growth and development together with our stakeholders under our new ESG (Environment, Society and Governance)-oriented management policies.

We sincerely look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Matsuru Kushida
President & Representative Director

Corporate Philosophy

  • We contribute to achieve a sustainable and quality global environment and affluent society through chemistry.
  • We at all times strive to develop technologies and provide high-quality products to our customers, and bring about the creation of new value.
  • We respect human rights and fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and seek to co-exist with the environment and society around us, and aim to become a company that is trusted by stakeholders.
  • We promote transparent and sound management, develop the potentials of each employee, and foster a culture that maximizes the achievement of the entire company.

Corporate Guiding Principle

Basic attitude towards business activities

We conduct active R&D based on a long-term perspective, establish systems to supply safe and quality products consistently, develop existing businesses and create new businesses in order to resolve social issues.

Environmental initiatives

We position the preservation of global environment an important mission, and provide products that help resolve environmental issues, as well as take actions to reduce environmental impact throughout our corporate activities.

Enforce safety

We make sure that safety is given first priority throughout the company. We allocate management resources necessary to ensure safety, and strive to create an accident-free, disaster-free environment by enforcing training upon all persons engaged in our corporate business activities.

Quality improvement

We provide the quality that is satisfactory to our customers, engage the entire company in the quality control systems and conduct continuous quality improvement activities to gain customer trust.

Relationship with stakeholders

We value the dialogues with all stakeholders around us, and aim to be trusted as member of society through achieving accountability and appropriate information disclosure.

Compliance, internal controls

We enforce legal compliance, provide appropriate internal training, and take rigorous attitude against illegal and violating acts, as well as establish an internal controls system with emphasis on the management risks associated with our business activities.

Vibrant working environment

We respect the human rights of our employees and encourage open exchange of opinions and proactive challenges, and create a cheerful working environment that will enable employees to express their characters and diverse human resources to exploit their potentials.

Code of Conduct


  • We actively challenge to steer the current situation in a better direction with the originality and ingenuity of each individual, and at the same time cooperate aggressively with the challenges of other employees to vitalize the company as a whole.
  • We are sensitive to changes in society, are not afraid of failure, continuously take on challenges that are ahead of the times, and achieve results.

Participation in environmental preservation activities

  • We strive to preserve the environment and utilize resources effectively and work to reduce environmental impact in all aspects of our business operation.
  • We enforce strict management over chemical materials.

Safety and hygiene initiatives

  • We contribute to creating a safe and hygiene workplace and prevent occurrence of accidents.
  • We carefully confirm and abide by work standards and rules, and act with safety in mind, as well as consider the safety of others to prevent accidents.

Contribution to quality improvement

  • We properly identify customer needs and provide the quality that is satisfactory to our customers.
  • We participate aggressively in NECC's quality improvement activities, and contribute to the continuous improvement of quality.

Relationship with stakeholders

  • We share the objectives of our activities through appropriate information disclosure and strengthen mutual understanding and ties with our stakeholders who are the supporters of our corporate activities.
  • We acknowledge that we are members of the society, and cooperate with society and strive to contribute to society.


  • We comply with the laws, social norms, and internal rules, and strive to engage in fair competition.
  • We have no transactions or other relationships with antisocial forces, and refuse any unreasonable demands by antisocial forces.
  • We never offer monetary or any other profits or benefits whatsoever with the intention of influencing the official acts of public officials inside and outside the country.

Risk management

  • We calmly identify the risks associated with our business activities, share information, and take actions to avoid risks.
  • We prioritize respect for human life and strive for prompt response and recovery in the event of an emergency.

Respect for human rights in the workplace, nurturing of human resources

  • We respect human rights and diversity, and never engage in any act that infringe human rights, nor we allow acts that infringe human rights in the workplace.
  • We place priority on nurturing of human resources, and act to serve as a model, provide appropriate guidance, and engage in the nurturing of those who follow.

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