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1964 April Founding of Nippon Engelhard Ltd. as a joint venture between Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd. and Engelhard Corporation (currently BASF Corporation).
(primary businesses: production and sale of chemical catalysts , precious metal coating chemicals, liquid gold etc. and recovery and refining of precious metal based on technologies introduced from Engelhard Corporation)
December Construction of Ichikawa Laboratory was completed.
1970 March The Head Office was relocated from Akasaka, Minato-ku to the current site in the World Trade Center Building in Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku Tokyo.
July Construction of Numazu Factory (currently Numazu Plant) completed, manufacturing of precious metal catalysts, and recovery and refinement of precious metals.
1978 March NE Chemcat executed a non-exclusive license agreement for auto exhaust catalysts production technology in Japan with Engelhard Corporation (US).
1979 October NE Chemcat launched production of auto exhaust catalysts in Numazu Factory (currently Numazu Plant).
1989 June The corporate name was changed to "N.E. CHEMCAT Corporation".
September N.E. CHEMCAT's shares were registered the over-the-counter market in Tokyo.
1996 January N.E. CHEMCAT Singapore Pte. Ltd. started operations.
December ISO 9002 certification was registered for the manufacture of Chemical Catalysts and Chemicals in Numazu Factory.
2000 April NE Chemcat sold business rights pertaining to liquid gold for decoration (for ceramics, glass etc.).
2001 October ISO 14001 certification was registered for Numazu Plant.
December ISO 9001 certification was registered for Numazu Plant.
2002 February Construction of Tsukuba Plant was completed.
2003 October Tsukuba launched high-volume production of diesel auto exhaust catalysts.
2004 November ISO 14001 certification was registered for Tsukuba Plant
2006 June JISHA OSHMS certification of Numazu Plant.
November Shutdown of Ichikawa Laboratory (internal sections transferred to Numazu Plant and Tsukuba Plant).
2008 January JISHA OSHMS certification of Tsukuba Plant.
2010 January NE Chemcat was delisted from JASDAQ and reverted to a 50-50 joint venture between BASF Group and Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.
2011 April NE Chemcat sold its Coating Chemical Business.
May NE Chemcat acquired BASF Japan-Chemical Catalyst business.
2014 April NE Chemcat celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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