Chemical CatalystsJoint Research & Toll Manufacturing

N.E. CHEMCAT's reputation as a general catalyst manufacture starts with excellence in R+D and engineering. For a chemical company, the choice of catalyst for its own processes needs extremely high-level technical know-how. We conclude a confidentiality agreement or joint development and research agreement with customers at first and then take steps meeting customers needs from joint research to sample preparation with established preparation method at catalyst factories, toll manufacturing of catalysts by customers' methods. We invite you to use our industrial catalyst production technologies. We also have long experience in production of industrial catalysts.

Joint Research

Confidentiality agreement or joint development and research agreement

For a chemical company, a choice of catalyst for its own process is an extremely high-level technical decision. We will take all possible measures to maintain secrecy and carry out joint research with customers.

Searching for causes of deactivation

Catalyst may become deactivated over time. Its solution is an important key to catalyst development. We analyze possible causes of deactivation and support customers to develop catalysts that are more effective and long lasting.

Toll Manufacturing

We support development of customers' catalysts mass production systems. We produce catalysts meeting customers' needs by using our own production and analysis system.


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